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we provide

Web Services we provide

SunCoast Web Development

offers custom-made websites that would perfectly reflect the overall culture of your business or non-profit agency allowing implementation of your unique design ideas.

YYou can also choose a website based on a template. This will speed up the development time and reduce the project cost. The look and feel of a template-based website can be radically customized by adjusting color schemes, changing fonts, branding elements, and images. However, the same layout structure of a template-based website may produce a "cookie-cutter" look since the same template can be used by hundreds of web developers.

Web Design Solutions

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows a layperson to maintain a website without coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
The advantage of using pre-built WordPress temes :
  • Enhanced functionality. There are thousands of plugins (components) that are available for installation and some of them are free.
  • Affordability. The premium WordPress themes are usually inexpensive and some of them come with images.

The drawbacks of using WordPress themes:

  • A learning curve is required if you want to maintain a WordPress website yourself. Usually, we provide our clients with one or two lessons teaching them how to use the administrative functions
  • Security risk since WordPress is a target for hacker attacks. The theme and plugin updates are required to keep your website safe
  • Slower download time and difficulties with Search Engine Optimization

Website Development using Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open-source responsive framework that includes styles and basic JavaScript functionality. It's possible to create a custom website or use prebuilt templates

The advantages of using Bootstrap :
  • Quicker development time
  • Compatibility with multiple browsers including mobile browsers

The drawbacks of using the Bootstrap framework:

  • Since the Boostrap is based on a prewritten "fit-all" code, the files are very large. For example, the file that contains all code for styling pages includes more than ten thousand lines of code. This can slow down the page's download time.
  • To add your own styling, you have to create a custom styles.The JavaScript file contains unnecessary plugins.
  • Unlike WordPress, Bootstrap doesn't include advanced functionality components

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process of increasing the visibility of your site in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The SEO effort includes two major factors:

  • Optimizing web pages for specific keywords phrases, the search phrases that your potential visitors enter in the search box in Google and Bing
  • Obtaining backlinks to your web pages from other related websites

Although the ranking algorithm takes dozens of other factors into consideration these two factors are crucial for the success of your SEO effort. SunCoast Web Development will

  • Determine the keyword phases and include them naturally into web pages content and determine the backlink partners
  • If your website has local appeal we optimize your website for local searches
  • Create an account with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing
  • Setup Google Analytics and provide you with the SEO reports

E-commerce Design

Do you want to start an online storefront? We will help you with design, complete setup, and digital certificate (SSL) installation. We will help you with the proper product categorization that would make the product search more effective. Besides, we will provide training (1 or 2 sessions) on the backend management of your online store.

If you start with one or two products, you may not need a shopping cart software. You can save time and money to set up a PayPal button.

Before you will start your new online storefront, you will need to ask yourself three questions:

  • What are you going to sell (services, physical goods, or downloadable products)?
  • Who are you going to sell (What is your target market)?
  • How are you going to sell your products (You may want to sell online only or you sell online and in a store)? What payment gateway you want to use and how will you be shipping your products..

Also, we recommend getting a free or paid Tax Consultation from the tax authority

Marketing and Advertising

Pay-per-Click Advertisement (PPC)

We can start a PPC campaign with Google Ads. One of the most important processes in PPC is is creating an effective ad copy. To eliminate the "unqualified" clicks we will choose the keyword phrases that will appeal to your target audience and will set up the "negative" keywords.

Social Media Marketing

We will help you to create a buzz around your business and implement social media advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Developing Marketing Materials for Print

Brochures, Ad cards, flyers, business kits, can become an effective part of your marketing strategy. We will design the digital materials for print that would reinforce your brand and increase sales

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